Wisors Hospitality Group

It all started small...
Since opening Oscar Wilde in 2010, our family has grown to include three more members: Vyvyan’s, The Happy Prince, and Kissproof. We’ve had a thrilling journey, and we can’t wait to see where it leads us next.

Our Story

KP // The New York Times
Where to go to in Beirut? This white-tiled cafe-bar, which opened last winter, first nourishes and later intoxicates the Badaro cool cats who pack its open-air terrace and soft-glowing bar...

VYV // L’hote Libanais
Someone shouts my name over half a dozen competing conversations. My Whiskey Sour is ready and I have to maneuver through the crowd pouring out of Vyvyan’s, taking good care not to step on any toes or to knock out any drinks…

THP // Maia’s restaurant review
Onslaught aside, we all really enjoyed the meal at The Happy Prince. This restaurant bar serves some impressive food. We started the meal off with the artichoke dip, the ahi tuna, and the chicken salad. Bubbly, cheesy, and super rich…

THP // Chocolate and Vanilla Sole
Full is more like it. That’s the way I felt when I finished my delicious meal at the bar/restaurant in the famous Mar Mikhael Street in Beirut, The Happy Prince. The restaurant has become very known by word of mouth due to its DELICSIOUS dishes…

This small bar is one of the many new additions to Beirut's nightlife. It's located in the Badaro district, once a sleepy residential area and now a buzzing favorite among those in the know with a wave of new openings. Not only a place for a cocktail but also a chess battleground among locals…

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